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Can constantly wearing headphones cause baldness?

No, wearing headphones, no matter how often you do it, will not cause hair loss. This idea is tied in to the same popularly held falsehood that states that constantly wearing a hat can cause hair loss (and even premature baldness). This is, of course, completely untrue. Here, from Health Central.com, is a particularly good […]

Why Are Headphones Becoming More Popular?

There’s a simple answer to this one. Headphones are increasing in popularity at an identical rate as portable devices are. The more devices you purchase, the more headsets you’ll need. Headsets are useless without a device to use them with, so it stands to reason that headphones are being bought in conjunction with other acquisitions. […]

Headphones As We Know Them Will Soon Become Obsolete

They’re a staple even on cutting-edge smartphones, televisions, and Hi-Fis, but the jack plug was invented back in the 19th century to route phone calls. Imagine hundreds of them being rearranged with swift dexterity by switchboard operators. Has any technical standard ever lasted as long? Despite the jack plug’s age, it will still come as […]

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